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Our Business

HResources specializes in HR solutions for recruiting and HR consulting. Our goal is with a help of our services to add value to the organizations of our clients.

HResources specializes in recruiting trilingual (English, French/Flemish and third language) professionals and places dozens of individuals every year. Various types of administrative, financial management, engineering, logistics, general management, corporate management, sales and marketing, and HR professionals are being placed in numerous fields, to include: Office Support & Management, Accounting & Finance, Administration, Advertising, Consulting, High-Tech, R&D, and others.

From a wide variety of candidates, HResources pre-selects a smaller number of qualified professionals to meet your Company's specific requirements. HResources guarantees a high professional level of pre-selected candidates and, having the knowledge of the local businesses and applicant market, HResources is able to advise on the best match for your Company. Taking upon itself all the tedious and time-consuming work, HResources saves your time and money. HResources guarantees strict confidentiality to all of its Clients and applicants.

HResources provides its clients with guidance on local labor market, advises on advertisement media selection, conducts candidate testing, compiles 'candidate profiles', obtains and checks references, acts as a negotiator between the Client and the Candidate, resign the Candidates on behalf of the Client, etc.